?? Parts
 Endura Blue
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Transport Units
25 gallon, 55 gallon, 75 gallon and 100 
gallon capacity.

With stainless steel pumps and auto
shutoff handles.

Available at the Floydada location.
   Speeco Quick Hitches
     The Tulia dealership has Speeco Quick Hitches on hand.  Ask one
 of our " Sales Associates" about these durable hitches.
There is a Speeco hitch that will fit your needs.

 Sweeps, Disks, & Ripper Points  
 Agricultural Lubricants

 Brown's Power and Equipment in Tulia has a large assortment of
 sweeps to fit your needs.  We also have disks, ripper points,
as well as  DMI points and shanks. We also have
hard-surfaced as well as plain sweeps.  Call (806) 995-4148 or
 come by 1400 Highway 87 North in Tulia for your
 sweep and disk replacement needs.

The Tulia facility also carries the lubricants you need to keep your
 Case IH, Great Plains, Rhino, or family vehicle running right.
  From anti-freeze (all colors) to greases
 and about anything else, we have it available.
The Tulia location also carries the Lucas line of lubricant treatments.

 Garden Belts and garden equipment repairs   Carquest Auto Parts 
  The Tulia location also carries a line of yard equipment
repair parts.  We have belts, spark plugs, fuel filters,
 air filters, mufflers, wheels, and many other parts for your
 mower.  Give us a call or come to see if we have what
 you need (we probably have it).

  Brown's Power & Equipment of Tulia is proud to be a Carquest
dealer.  If you need any parts for your vehicle, let us know, if it is
 not in stock it will be here in the morning (usually).  When you
 think of quality repair parts for your vehicle think
 "Brown's Power &  Equipment"
 in scenic Tulia, Texas.

 Case Toys   Auto, Truck, & Agricultural Batteries 
Brown's in Tulia has a large selection of farm toys.  We have toys
for the young and the young at heart, we also have toys
for the serious collector.  Come by and take a look at
our selection the next time that Grandchild is having
a birthday, or just a bribe to get good behavior!
The Tulia dealership has in stock a very LARGE selection
of batteries.  We probably have the battery you need, but
if we don't it will be here the next day from the
Carquest warehouse. 
 Banjo Sprayer Parts and Teejet Sprayer Nozzles  Lubricant Filters
Do you need sprayer parts?  We have sprayer parts.  We have
agitators, pressure regulators, in-line filters, a whole bunch of
nozzles, and parts you did not realize you needed!  We carry
a very large selection of Banjo Brand parts.  We have Banjo
 connectors, hose barbs, reducer bushings, and Banjo items
 too numerous to mention! If it is Banjo brand Brown's in
Tulia will probably have it on the shelf.

 Brown's Power and Equipment in Tulia has in stock nearly
every filter whether it be oil, hydraulic, air, cab, or fuel filter for
your Case IH equipment.  If you are not lucky enough to own
Case IH power, then we can fulfill your filter needs with a
quality Carquest filter.  We also have Carquest filters for your
personal vehicle as well as your over the road trucks, or your
ATV.  Come in and talk to our knowledgeable "Sales Associates" !
We either have the filter you need or we can get one
in a hurry.

Galligher Electric Fence Chargers and fencing supplies
 Bolts both SAE and Metric
 The Tulia dealership is a dealer for the Galligher brand fencing.  We
 have chargers, insulators, fence testers, lightening diverters,
splice crimpers, split bolt connectors, and livestock prods. We also
repair fence chargers right here in the store, if we cannot repair it,
we do know someone that can.  Ask our "Sales Associates" about
repairing your charger that does not give a "shock".   We are
also the exclusive dealer for the insulator nut wrench which is
manufactured in Happy, Texas. 

 Brown's in Tulia has a gigantic inventory of bolts, bolts for
 every need. We have standard, (course and fine thread) metric,
 carriage, plow, and some specialized bolts.  We also carry
 castle nuts and locking nuts. There is also a supply of flat and
 lock washers.  If you need bolts come by to check our stock.
  We also have some "U" bolts in stock.

 Case IH factory parts Auto and Trailer lights and brackets.
This location has a huge parts storage area, this is just one
isle of several packed full of official Case IH parts.  If you
 want your Case IH product to preform correctly you need to
 use only Case IH parts on it.  We have tractor, combine, planter,
 swather, and other fine Case IH equipment.  We also may have
 that part for your older Case or International equipment.
 Come by and talk to our "Sales Assistants"about the parts
 you require to keep your equipment in top operating
condition.  There is also a good supply Great Plains drill parts,
 as well as Rhino Shredder parts in inventory.
The Tulia location has a very large selection of trailer lights.
They also have reflectors, tail light and turn signal bulbs for your
 personal vehicles, as well as those interesting little light bulbs
that are hard to find.  Give us a try we probably will have the
bulb you are looking for.

 Hydraulic Hoses  Automotive and Agricultural belts
The Tulia dealership carries bulk hydraulic hose.  We can build the
hose you need in a hurry, so you can get back to the field.  We have
a large selection of fittings so we can match the hose that
you broke.  We can also build air hoses to meet your needs.
However, we do not build air conditioner hoses.  Ask our
 "Sales Associates" about your hydraulic hose needs.  They can
build hydraulic hoses up to 1 inch.

If you need fan belts ( serpentine, V-belts and poly V-belts)
 or radiator hoses  the Tulia location is the place to visit.
Our trained  "Sales Associates" will try to fill your needs.
We also have  a large selection  of hose clamps to keep those
 hoses from those annoying leaks.  If you need a screw driver
 to tighten the hose clamps we have them too.